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About Law Practice Manager

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Hello and welcome to Law Practice Manager – a free and independent resource by and for all people with an interest in management and law firms.

What is this site all about?

Law Practice Manager is a user-led site for management at law firms to read about and contribute experiences, tips and opinions relating to their work. You may use this site anonymously, or you can choose to register as a member, which will allow you to post your own contributions. You can also join the Law Practice Manager LinkedIn group.

Do you have management responsibilities at a law firm?

If so, please register as a member and get involved as a contributor. You may be responsible for the overall management of a firm, such as a Partner or Practice Manager or for a specific area such as business development, IT or Human Resources.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to submit an article, or a post/blog about a work related experience – regular or one off contributions are welcome, and you can post anonymously if you would prefer. Please read this post for further information on getting involved as an author.

Do you provide professional services to law firms?

Businesses and professionals who provide products or services to UK law firms (for example accountants or legal software providers) are welcome to register and use this site free of charge – donations to charity are welcome.

Please state your business interest and employer details clearly, so that other members are aware that your opinions or answers are provided in your role as a supplier, rather than as a law firm manager. Also, your posts must be on a subject that is interesting and relevant to managers at law firms, not solely concerning a product or service you wish to promote.

About content posted on this site

Any posts and answers to questions constitute the views and opinion of the individual writer, are not legal advice, and in the case of any posts or answers by suppliers of products/services may not be impartial. Please treat any posts and answers to questions as guidance only and do not rely on them alone to make business decisions.

Any articles and posts on Law Practice Manager are intended to be debatable – please use the comments box to submit your own views, whether they are contrary or supporting, if possible adding details of your position and where you work.

Terms and conditions of use by members and visitors

Before using this site and registering as a member, please review the terms of use and privacy policy which apply to this website and your use of Law Practice Manager.

Thank you for visiting Law Practice Manager.

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