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Is Your Day Job Influencing Your EU Referendum Vote?

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In answer to the headline question, yes, I am letting my day job influence my EU referendum vote. In my day job when planning for change I would plan to make the mistakes on paper before trying to implement change and cause unnecessary disruption, however, when voting, this is a mistake on paper that I would rather plan to avoid if at all possible.

So what would help me make my decision and why do I need this help?

We are being swamped by media coverage about the upcoming “In” or “Out” referendum, but is the coverage informing the debate to help me make up my mind? No, not really.

The questions for me are:Planning Pic 24.05.2016

– What changes are going to be needed for the Country to respond positively and make the best of either result?

– What resources are going to be needed to fully implement the outcome of the first question?

– Have the resources been planned for and costed?

– How will the Country measure the success or not of the change?

These are questions that every law practice (and business) would ask on a daily basis when change is needed within their existing environment and operational capacity.

When the time comes for me to make up my mind on such a fundamental and important question as this, it will not just be the media coverage that will have informed my decision.

As would be the situation for decision makers in a law practice (or business), my decision cannot avoid being influenced by their, or my, life and professional skills and experiences.

In a law practice the type of questions I am asking would be posed as part of the practice’s systematic business planning process, enabling the decision makers to arrive at a realistic vision and plan for the best outcome for the future of their practice.

For me, and hopefully others will agree, until I hear a convincing answer to these questions my capacity to make, with confidence and excitement for the future, an informed and best judgement decision on such an important question is frustratingly limited.


Date:               24 May 2016.

Author:            Paul Wood, MA.


About the Author, Paul has over 38 years of experience and knowledge in private practice with the last 17 being a practice manager / director. He studied for his MA while in fulltime employment. As a freelance and independent practice manager and mentor Paul offers law practices his experience and expertise in legal practice management support.

Paul’s LinkedIn profile is:

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As a freelance practice manager I support law practices with their practice management tasks and strategic development. I have 30 years experience and the benefit of an MA in Practice Management.

3 thoughts on “Is Your Day Job Influencing Your EU Referendum Vote?

  • May 25, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    Paul, I love the image for this post – was it one you took yourself? I am going to sound very big headed here, but I do think its very true that when we operate day in day out in a professional environment where everything is carefully analysed and planned for, politics or rather the version of it we read in the papers and see on the news can seem a bit scary, loose and unknown. I totally agree with you and I wish instead of the rubbish one-sided leaflet that we all got through the post, the government had spent more money looking at the questions you set out here.

  • PaulW
    May 25, 2016 at 5:27 pm

    Hi Martyn, yes the main image is my own, pleased you liked it.

    While there are lots of figures being pushed around, for me it is a question of what will government need to invest in and pay for. For example will the government departments and public employee numbers need to grow if we leave. If they do then that is worth knowing because these new costs will be eating into the much talked about savings from being out – and will be on going. It is a bit like being told that the turnover is £x but not knowing how much it has cost the practice to generate that turnover. It is no use turning over £x if the cost of doing so is £x+++. The savings being suggested for me seem to be an aspiration at the moment not a costed figure – well that is how I would consider them in my day job.

  • PaulW
    June 25, 2016 at 12:00 pm

    We now know that neither side of the vote, win or loose, had or currently have a plan – well not one that they are telling us about. Some interesting months / years ahead then as we seem to be flying by the seat of our pants on this one.


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