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Bulk Renewal: Has everyone “opted in” ?

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Solicitor + Practising Certificate = everyone happy

If your law firm has opted in to the SRA’s bulk Practising Certificate renewal process, all solicitors will be neatly included and the whole renewal process will be seamless – right?

How can Managers make sure everyone has opted into the bulk renewal process so no-one is missed out?  And do Solicitors also need to check they are opted in?

I got an email from the SRA on 1 September telling me that prior to 1 October, I should be checking that I am opted into my firms bulk auto-renewal application.

I am not the most mySRA savvy person and I forgot what I did last year, so it took me some unsuccessful googling then playing about with mySRA to find out how to verify that I am opted in.

Solicitors: How to check you are opted in

If you were included in your firm’s bulk renewal process last year then you should be included this year (unless you have changed the setting on mySRA) but you might want to check. Here’s how I did it:

Bulk Renewal: Easy and effective, so long as the right box is ticked
  1.  Log in to your individual my SRA account
  2. Click on “My Profile”
  3. Click on “Personal and Professional details”
  4. Select your current employer (any previous employers should not be shown)
  5. Click on the “professional details” tab
  6. Check the “opt into bulk renewal” box is ticked.

Managers: How to check everyone has completed the above process

If you want to double check prior to 1 October that all solicitors have opted in to the bulk renewal process, you can complete this process:

  1. Log into your organisational mySRA account
  2. Select your Organisation (under “My Organisations”)
  3. Click on “Related Individuals”
  4. Look under the “Results Found” heading at the bottom of the page
  5. Check that all solicitors are listed, and that for each one there is a “Y” shown under the “Bulk Opt In” column.

Now I’ve completed the above two processes I think I can sit back until 1 October, when I’ll be thinking about completing the bulk renewal application.

Any comments regarding variations on the above process or anything I have missed are welcome.

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