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If  you are involved in any aspect of law firm management as an employee or business owner, you’re welcome to use this site to share your experiences or views. By registering as an author, you can write and publish content on this site, all by yourself!

Law Practice Manager is a multiple use and user site that works as a blog, magazine and forum for all managers at law firms.

You can use this site to pass on tips, knowledge and experiences relating to your work (like this one, this one and this one), for the benefit of us all.

Eureka! Now please share your knowledge

Or if you have an opinion that is relevant to managers at law firms (like this one, this one and this one) this is also the site to express it, because our unique views as law practice managers interest and engage other managers and lawyers.

And if you or your law firm have done something or achieved something unique or new, then this is also the place to share it with other managers – like this, and this.

Finally, if you have a question that you would like answered by other managers at law firms, you can ask that question here, and receive an answer from another manager, like this one.

Type up your tip in two minutes and share it, today..

Why should you do this? Unlike LinkedIn, this site is specifically for managers at law firms, so all topics and posts (although not contributed by professional writers) are by or for persons who  hold managerial responsibilities, such as Partners, Directors and Practice Managers.

Have you tried the new LinkedIn search function? Not user friendly, neither are you likely to find a LinkedIn post on google. Posts on this site are accessed around 100 times a week through google searches, so your post may continue to be found for years through people like you who are researching issues relating to management.

So for example, I googled “sole practitioner”, and this great blog by Stephen Oldham came up on the first page of google about how he set himself up as a sole practitioner, as well as my post on LPM on Sole Practitioners.

You can also insert random images and captions, like this one

Posting online by lawyers and law firm staff is becoming much more popular and accepted. For a very readable “call to action” (which applies equally to managers at law firms), I recommend reading Barrister Ben Amunwa’s blog Don’t hold back: why lawyers and social media need each other.

If you are not sure about the public exposure of  you and your writing online, you are free to choose an anonymous user name when you register on Law Practice Manager, or contact me if you have any queries or concerns about posting. Also, I am happy to help by reviewing content before you publish it.

Finally, please contact me if you have any feedback (good or bad) or ideas about how this website could be used by managers at law firms.

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I set up Law Practice Manager because I enjoy sharing fresh and original opinions and posts on law management issues. Facebook and Twitter: @LawManager1 LinkedIn group:

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