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Email marketing for law firms

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(This posting is a guest article written and posted by Peter Bowen by kind permission of Benjamin Williams).

Email marketing if it is done right will work really well – however – blasting out hundreds or thousands of emails to unqualified end users will get you nothing… and these days the open rates for emails is becoming less and less as our inboxes are filled with more and more unwanted messages.

But wait… isn’t email marketing just like any other marketing programme – it is a numbers game, the more you send, there are more chances that more people will open your email?

Yes but, No but, there is a LOT MORE to email marketing than just blasting out numbers!

It’s a lot like developing relationships – one at a time and nurturing those relationships to the point where you can communicate a broad message, but know that it is being received by a select few that you have qualified and will reciprocate with quality replies.

A quality list of end users or subscribers who have agreed to receive your email and have opted-in will get you results. The opted-in process works like this – a potential subscriber completes a signup form on your website or through an email invitation and submits it to you, then an email is sent back to that person asking them to validate or give you permission to send them email. Now you have an end user who is qualified as a valuable lead and is expecting to receive an email communication from you in the future. Now your chances of those qualified leads reacting to your email is going to be a lot more positive.

An email sent to a qualified list is most certainly going to get a much higher “open rate” from subscribers who open the email and become exposed to your marketing message.

But, of course, there’s plenty of data to make the case, too:

  • Experian’s Email Market Study showed personalised subject lines delivered 26 percent higher unique open rates overall, with travel companies experiencing the “biggest boost” from personalised subject lines — 65 percent!
  • The same study showed how personalised promotional emails listed transaction rates and revenue per email six times higher than non-personalised emails.
  • Personalised emails improve click-through rates by an average of 14 percent and conversions by 10 percent.
  • More than 77 percent of consumers are likely to make additional purchases if an option that matches their preferences is presented to them in a personalised email from a merchant or retailer.
  • 80 percent of marketers define dynamic personalisation in emails as highly important, according to a study by Adobe and the Direct Marketing Association.

But despite that last stat, the Experian study also found that:

  • 70 percent of the responding brands admitted they’d failed to personalise their email messages.
  • Only 35 percent asked customers how often they wish to receive emails.
  • 60 percent didn’t give customers options on what type of emails they wanted to receive.

Engaging with Recipients

The next task is to get the subscriber to react to your marketing message and the key is to get them to “click through” on your offer or “call to action” and land on your website page and ultimately to “BUY” into your offer.

The content of the email must contain quality content that describes your value proposition or presents an issue and asks a relevant question where the response, the click through to your website, will generate the opportunity to sell your stuff.

Ensure that the content is to the point and does not require the recipient to read through long paragraphs of text to get to the point you are trying to make. The content should be short and succinct, capturing the recipient’s interest and motivating them to react to your message in a positive way.

Email marketing is very much a process that does work if it is done right says Peter Bowen, Managing Director at First One On, “we send out thousands of emails to qualified contacts and get remarkable results for our clients in terms of open rates, click through’s and conversions”.

Are you open for business?

Peter Bowen is Managing Director at First One On a Professional Services Marketing firm that has a solid foundation helping business do more business…!!!  He writes articles and blogs about search strategies and content marketing – motivating customers to buy  and helps law firms get more business.

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Peter Bowen is Managing Director at First One On a Professional Services Marketing firm that has a solid foundation helping business do more business…!!! He writes articles and blogs about search strategies and content marketing -motivating customers to buy and helps law firms get more business through an integrated marketing approach.

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