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I’m on LinkedIn, so now what?

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Here I share my tips on how to utilise your LinkedIn profile, once you’ve created an account.

Having a LinkedIn profile is like having a gym membership; you have to turn-up regularly to get any benefit, or long-term results.  It is amazing how often people tell me they “have worked out” LinkedIn, and when I look them up, I discover they’ve yet to tap-in to the real benefits it could bring them, their business, and their connections.

Like face-to-face networking, the key to online networks like LinkedIn, is consistency and credibility.  To build one, you have to employ the other, and each feeds your reputation and influence.  When you’re well known and spoken about by those in your networks, one of the key reasons is because you “show up” regularly.  You show a level of commitment and reliability by making the effort to put in the time to build relationships.

This same approach is the key to successful results from LinkedIn, so here are my top tips on starting to develop your online LinkedIn network, as you would a face-to-face group:

1) Visit regularly. Be realistic about how often this can be achieved for you, and then stick to it. Too often, enthusiasm at the start means you seem to be engaging and worth connecting with, only to disappear without a trace for weeks at a time.  Make time in your diary for LinkedIn networking as you would for a meeting.

2) Make your time on LinkedIn as much about sharing other people’s contributions as your own. Look at posts your connections have taken the time to post and then leave comments, or share them (it’s a great idea to share them on LinkedIn and also one other Social Media platform).

3) Take time to respond to people’s comments and connection requests. When someone leaves a comment on your posts, don’t underestimate how important it is to acknowledge and reply to it.  When you’re asked to connect, don’t be tempted to just click an acceptance; write a reply and start a conversation.

4) Join a couple of relevant groups and take part in discussions.  Take time to explore the groups on LinkedIn and see who takes an active part. If you have something to add, or want to be seen as a thought-leader in this field, take an active part in the groups.  Remember tip number one here, and don’t over-commit yourself only to disappear when the conversations get interesting.

Taking these four simple steps can help you get more from your time on LinkedIn and lead to conversations, which then leads to all kinds of business possibilities.  I would love to hear how you get on and what you discover when you use these top tips.

If you are finding it difficult to get to grips with LinkedIn, or would like to learn how to make the most of this powerful marketing tool, I would love to invite you to one of my upcoming LinkedIn Training Courses. You can find out more about my LinkedIn Training Courses here..

For a more personal approach, I do offer a free 15 minute discovery call, to see how I can help you get more out of your LinkedIn profile.


Rachel Tombs is a LinkedIn Specialist, LinkedIn Profile Writer and LinkedIn Trainer.

I work with a wide variety of professionals to help them to create and maintain profitable business relationships. We buy from people that we KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST.

Generate Strategic Alliances – Boost your Business Income and produce rapid and impressive results

Build Long Term Business Opportunities – Position yourself as an expert in your field

Engage with your target audience – make networking more productive, purposeful and save time

LinkedIn Coach and Social Selling Expert
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Rachel Tombs

Having established Links2Leads in March 2015, Rachel Tombs has shown more than 250 businesses and individuals how to successfully create a unique, professional and profitable presence on LinkedIn- the world’s most influential platform for B2B lead generation. Rachel had previously spent 15 years as a practising Solicitor, utilising LinkedIn whilst in practice to build a rewarding network of industry connections. Rachel positioned herself as a thought leader within her practice area and utilised LinkedIn to market her service offering in a cost and time effective way. Rachel is, therefore, confidently and expertly able to advise on successfully marketing your Professional Services Firm. Rachel has received a number of impressive recommendations, most notably being awarded 3rd place in the UK’s Best of Business Awards 2016, ranking within the Business and Professional Services category. So, whether you are looking to build influence within your market, grow your business or develop your network of contacts, Rachel can work alongside you and help you achieve results.

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