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FREE live Masterclass Webinar – Stress Management Solutions!

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As an ex-solicitor turned Therapist and Stress Management Coach, I know first-hand the negative effects of stress in the Legal Profession!

feeling stress in action…

Is Stress is an issue? 96% of us in 2014 admitted to experiencing the negative effects of stress at work, and 45% of all sickness absence is related to stress / anxiety / depression. Yet rarely do Lawyers seek help or support with their stress, often for fear of being judged unfit for the job.  That fear causes many Lawyers to continue their struggle alone and unsupported, often for years.  This significantly increases the risk of stress becoming something more serious, affecting life, work, and physical and mental well being.  The long term consequences can be devastating, with some practitioners desperate to find a way to break out of this destructive cycle.

My Free, Live, Online Masterclass in Stress Management is aimed at helping Lawyers take the first steps in doing exactly that.  When we understand stress, we can deal with it more effectively.  My clients often say that they did not realise the extent of their stress or how deeply it affected their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  Awareness that a stressed state is not normal, recognition of stress responses in ourselves, and accepting that change is possible, are vital steps in beginning to reduce both the cause and effects.

Break free from Stress!

You can register for the next Masterclass which is scheduled for Wednesday 19th July at 8pm, and the link to register is here.

This is one of a series of Webinars and Masterclasses focusing on stress education and management.  In this session, I will focus on 3 of the biggest Mistakes even smart people make in dealing with stress which actually make it worse, and how to avoid them.  And I speak from experience, because I used to make these mistakes myself!

I’m a firm believer that Prevention is better than Cure.  I’m extending this invitation to all Lawyers to attend my Free Masterclass in Stress Management because tackling the effects of stress now can prevent the onset of other, more serious long term health conditions in the future.

It is too easy and extremely common to blame ourselves for being adversely affected by stress.  This Masterclass will educate delegates about Stress, how and why it affects us in the way it does, and what you can do to start reversing the effects both now and in the future.  I will share practical tips and techniques to help you help yourself to reduce the effects of stress, stop the cycle of negative rumination, sleep better, and remain calm even in stressful situations, which will ultimately lead to living a happier, healthier, and more productive life.

Live and Work feeling Calm and in Control

This Masterclass is suitable for all Solicitors, Barristers, and other Legal Professionals who wish to be more self-sufficient and reduce the impact of stress on a personal level.  It will also be of interest to all Managers, Leaders, HR Professionals, and Occupational Health Consultants who have an interest in stress management for themselves, and in the work place.

Other webinars in this series will focus on different aspects of Stress in the Workplace; e.g. issues facing management in dealing with stress such as the lack of reporting, what to look out for in assessing whether someone is suffering the effects of stress, how best to support your staff, and tips for how you can improve your work place operations and practices to reduce the impact and severity of stress, ultimately improving the health and well-being of your employees, and reducing your risk of litigation and the costs of ill-health.

Can working with a professional help? Here’s a testimony from a client:

“I have been struggling with stress, as everyone does, due to life and things that have been happening. I was very cynical but working with Kate was an amazing experience! My whole perspective on life events shifted, and although it is very difficult to explain here, or describe, all I know is that all the stress that was affecting me has gone.  Life is still happening, but the stress doesn’t have the same detrimental effect on me. Thank you so much Kate!!”  Christine, Wales.


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I am a Psychotherapist and Stress Management Consultant, but I practised as a solicitor for 20 years before retraining. I offer Stress Management Solutions to People and Business.

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